Jun. 4th, 2011 12:47 pm
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At last, a genealogical chart I can be satisfied with.  Note: the actual image is larger, and will show up clearer in the book.  (I hope).

Also, I should be finishing the rough draft of The Young Lion this evening.

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Among the human remains discovered in Mycenae's Grave Circle B, one of the earliest intact individuals was a male labeled Sigma 131.  Researchers dubbed him 'Pelops,' after the founder of the Atreid dynasty, even though he lived three hundred years too early to be the "real" Pelops.

Sigma 131 was a powerfully built individual, around 55 years old when he died, and suffered from three diseased teeth, arthritis of the spine, and gallstones.  I should mention here that all the Grave Circle B individuals submitted for forensic reconstruction were tall and robust.  

The first reconstruction was deemed too fleshy, the face of someone from the late 20th century rather than the 16th century B.C.  So the forensic artists went back and gave Sigma 131 a leaner face, with a more pained look, as he would have been in constant discomfort toward the end of his life.

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